By request: #robots #inktober

Artist confession: I really don’t like drawing skeletons very much at all. Give me musculature any day of the week. #inktober

The true reason for the season.

In lieu of trying to catch up my missed days of #inktober please accept this rough depiction of my last two weeks.

Thinking of what?

Page 255!

(and happy Thinksgiving for yesterday!)

Accidental art.

Thing for project. Technically speaking these are wonky as all getout but it’s reeeally the first time I’ve done anything like this, so yay!


Brynn should be taller in that last picture blaaaahhh

There’s something wrong with this pokemon. #inktober

Testing out a new ink and brush while playing catchup for #inktober


Spray paint, acrylic, sharpie and dry gouache on canvas. Proper picture later.

Well hey. #painting

I am sick. Page in progress for #inktober