Found  and rescued one of these little dudes (and when I say “little” I mean “the size of my palm”) at work today. I’m going to have to make peace with the “can fly and is attracted to light” bit because I would honestly just would have assumed it was a small, terrible bird or a hallucination before now. Biggest thing I’d seen in Edmonton before now were these guys.

Also found out that we actually do have cockroaches around here! (my colleague mistook Bicep Bug up there for one) They’re just tiny and I’ve never, ever seen one.

Boy, I hope you like bugs as much as I do. Otherwise you shouldn’t click those links.




I haven’t even got my e-mail tracking yet. Is the book as awesome is I imagine?

Honestly, it was equal parts impressive and disappointing for me! I was thinking of doing a full review of it. Definitely interesting and worth the money, though.


These two don’t get to interact for…. ever. so I wanted to show the differences between them and it got out of hand.

I actually drew this waaaaay back in August and then had to sit on it until now.

Working with a reasonable buffer has further destroyed my sense of time and space.

I saw a meme template where the idea was to draw the same character through the eyes of three other characters. This is kinda like that. Gives me an excuse to play around!

Part one of five, probably.

I haven’t drawn Desirae in her original outfit for a while.