I saw a meme template where the idea was to draw the same character through the eyes of three other characters. This is kinda like that. Gives me an excuse to play around!

Part one of five, probably.

I haven’t drawn Desirae in her original outfit for a while.

I am on the third floor and neither my door nor my window have any gaps how are all these ladybugs getting in

I am predictable and iiiiii don’t caaaare speedpaint speedpaint

I am a strong proponent of the “click the save button every few seconds” method of digital art. Good thing, too! Because it seems like it’s only when I forget myself and do several minute’s worth of finicky painting without saving that Manga Studio decides to crash.

Good thing I enjoy finicky painting I guess because let’s go do that all over again

Let’s see how dark my colour schemes can get before I’m just putting up black pages with word balloons on them.


So I guess we skipped over the whole “fall” thing.

Obligatory weeds

Forest monster.

Origami paper skull